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This site comes to you from the scenic Hinton area on the east slopes of the Rockies. It offers a virtual gallery of beautiful images, a biography, listings of exhibition venues and writings by the artist Monika Dery. Work that is not marked Sold is available for sale by credit card or personal cheque.

Artist Statement
I am constantly experimenting with "mark-making" and painting techniques on various types of rice paper, Kraft paper, hardboard, styrofoam, plexiglas...and any support that paint or wax might adhere to. My newest creations are folding screens with laminated paintings that allow the light to shine through. These exciting artforms are reflected in the galleries on this website. You'll find everything from watercolour to encaustic.

The paintings are more dimensional than you'd expect to find in watercolour or wax. I hope you like the effects.... The landscapes of the foothills and Rocky Mountain region, right here in my beloved West Central Alberta, close to Jasper and Banff, will always be among my favourite themes.

My latest experiments take place on Styrofoam with blow torch and hot implements in place of paintbrush. I employ all manner of media including wax, clay, crayons, found jewellry items, and much more. Check these out at
www.art-exchange.com and here on my New Works page.

I am working on the edge of established art these days and am developing something new and unique. Size does matter and I'm working in some very large formats on innovative supports. Three and four feet by six feet is not unusual anymore. Ask me about those paintings....if you dare.
Monika Dery

Monika's work is showing in several locations throughout Alberta.
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